Examining and evaluating cases and providing solutions

6 Nov 2013
Get the right information without the difficulty of searching, we have analyzed the judgments of Arab supreme courts and extract all the legal precedents of each judgment.

The constitutions encyclopedia

5 Nov 2013
The constitutions encyclopedia publishes the experience of 63 states, which chosen carefully and offered in both Arabic and English languages, for states with different religions, ideologies.

Corporate Governance system

13 Aug 2013
Corporate Governance system specialized in the Legal rules governing the establishment of companies and the ways of management and expiration.

Islamic Judicature system

بتاريخ Date : 2013/07/13
This database aims to publish some Islamic precedents to the Arab legal researcher, in order to make him recognize the common and the difference between the Islamic precedents and the positive precedents, this database contains: Judicial Judgments magazine, Islamic legislations, Legal provisions magazine..
اختر التقرير قارن تقرير إخفاء إلغاء